We have witnessed some great results joining forces between PPC & SEO. The two have benefitted campaigns of all goals, whether it be brand awareness, lead generation or driving action & sales. Read our detailed guide to get a better understanding of how PPC and SEO can work together.

Here is How PPC and SEO Can Work Together

Maximize SERPs Ranking

Despite being at the top of the advert rankings, coupling SEO with those rankings can often make the website the only thing consumers see. E.g., if somebody does skip the ads, they may see the same business organically. By taking up as much space as possible on the Search Engine Ranking Positions – it can do the world of good for the brand awareness of any website. This can lead to an increase in users driving action or visiting the website directly, e.g., if you search for the same service / product 10 times (which I sometimes do before buying), and you see the same company majority of the times – it has the potential to strongly influence a user’s consideration.

Powerful Brand Awareness

Even if potential customers do not convert immediately, appearing both within the adverts and organic rankings can lead to a stronger brand awareness, thus resulting in more powerful conversion rates across the board, long term.

Evaluate and Optimize Keywords

If you have a PPC campaign which is smashing it, of course you will have a list of your favorite keywords. What if you smashed out your SEO for these keywords too? The enhanced visibility and traffic could make a world of difference. Moreover, PPC also lets you test new keywords which you may ultimately decide to optimize organically, and the turnaround is very fast – simply set your keywords, write your adverts and boom. Your adverts will be live and as opposed to SEO, you would not have to wait for a crawl.

More Powerful Remarketing Campaigns

If you are maximizing the use of both channels, understandably you will be receiving more traffic. This will give you freedom to build much larger Audience lists (and understand more about your consumers). Ultimately, your Remarketing campaigns will be more powerful, and it will also be easier to build better brand loyalty + bring in more direct or referral traffic.

Diverse Data Availability

The more data you have, the better decisions you can make and the more you can learn about how your industry performs online as well as your consumers’ behavior, and perhaps what areas you can strengthen on. By combining all sets of data, you can develop some useful charts which will draw a bigger picture on how you can improve both your PPC & SEO campaigns together for best long-term results.

Strong Online Presence

Do businesses really want to rely heavily on PPC? All it takes is to click one button to turn PPC campaigns off (hypothetically), and that could be it for a business. With SEO in the mix, you give yourself two avenues of traffic acquisition, which contributes to a more sustainable advertising model overall where properly maintained SEO could prove to be more cost-efficient long term. Whereas PPC campaign offer flexibility for fast turn-around, instantly running adverts and the ability to push visibility with an increased budget, which often proves useful on events such as Black Friday & Christmas. The two sources then become three sources when you factor in the increase of direct traffic. Ultimately, you will want as many avenues as possible to ensure that your business has every chance of surviving online; so, if this means adding Social Media and Referral traffic to PPC, SEO & Direct traffic, then this would be useful for any business in maximizing their visibility.

Optimized Landing Pages

A lot of SEO entails optimization of websites and a focus on User Experience Design and improving usability for humans. This ties in perfectly with best PPC practices, as optimized landing pages for a PPC audience can lead to higher conversion rates from your PPC campaign.


Both traffic sources work differently; however, do share lots in common. The end goal for both PPC & SEO is to drive relevant traffic to a website. PPC achieves this through paid traffic; whereas SEO requires consistent optimization to climb SERP rankings organically. One of the most important things to remember is that both are keyword-driven strategies, and both also heavily rely on the optimization of websites, whether it be best practice user experience on landing pages or long-term keyword optimization. Rank Media can help you drive quality traffic to your website through a combination of PPC and SEO. Because, we have some of the best tools and expert resources to make sure you get outstanding results.