Pay Per Click

What Is Pay Per Click?

Google PPC is (or pay-per-click) is an advertising model that allows you to communicate your message, service or products to customers on Google or Bing via a series of targeted advertisements. You pay for every click on your advert which is from a prospect who are interested in your businesses service / products.

PPC is a quicker way to drive traffic to your website. You have the benefit of ultimate control over ad-content, daily budget caps and we have the knowhow to measure and optimise performance whilst experimenting various strategies to grow you campaign in line with your business goals.

Types of PPC


Our campaigns get your adverts in front of potential customers who are searching for your products or services. Take advantage of Google & Microsoft search engines, and target new prospects, anywhere from your local area, to internationally. Take control of your marketing and operate adverts all at a media budget which works for you.


We help build e-Commerce brands through the power of Google Shopping & Google Merchant Centre. Combining quality product imagery with carefully written copy, we help drive awareness & sales to your business’ online platform. Shopping campaigns are strategized to deliver and grow a positive ROI.


Remarketing campaigns ensure that you are getting the most out of your entire advertising strategy. This is done by building bespoke audience lists to re-attract users who have previously visited your website. This is a great way to raise brand awareness to previous customers or even those who slipped through the net. Get the most for your budget with a Remarketing campaign strategy


The Google Display Network (GDN) lets you place image-ads on over two million websites across the web. We use industry leading targeting strategies to ensure such adverts are positioned to an audience that is relevant to you, with the potential of connecting you with new customers through extensive brand awareness.

Increase Your Revenue From Today

To be successful online, your business needs to have a strong presence on Google. This is so potential customers can identify your company when searching relevant terms online. You need to minimise marketing costs by have a data-driven strategy with a view of driving an attractive ROI.

Google PPC can offer this for your business. By creating quality ad-copy and displaying adverts to interested parties, we can make your business stand out and create competition in your industry. Driving relevant traffic to your website will ultimately increase revenue or sales.

Rank Media are proud PPC Experts from Manchester with a proven track record of helping small and medium businesses scale their revenue streams and build a sustainable marketing funnel that works.

PPC Audits

We can conduct audits of any existing PPC campaigns. By using industry best practise methodologies, we determine the strengths and weaknesses of your campaigns, and advise how you can optimise accordingly, to make your campaign work for your business.

Our comprehensive audits explore a wide range of technical elements from key campaign categories, to clearly break-down how you can distribute your marketing budgets efficiently.

Why Do You Need PPC?